Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Soul II Soul, Back to Life

Today's track is by British R&B band Soul II Soul.

Soul II Soul had a rotating roster of musicians who played in the band. The one I was most impressed with was Nellee Hooper. I am forever impressed by Nellee Hooper as he has produced for many artists but most notibly for Bjork on the Debut album (one of my all time favourite albums). For that alone he deserves props.

This particular track charted in the top 10 in the States. The lead singer on this track Caron Wheeler was a back up singer for both Elvis Costello and Howard Jones. She has toured recently in Australia with Soul II Soul Sound System.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Under the Milky Way - The Church

Are you old enough to remember mixed tapes? Specifically of the home made variety?
Just like my favourite book "High Fidelity" my mixed tapes were always a well-considered undertaking. One of my favourite mixed tapes was called "Night time" because it included the type of songs that I wanted to hear driving across the Harbour Bridge at night. The songs on it had to have an atmospheric quality about them.

The reason I mention all of this about my mixed tapes is that one of the songs on it was "Under the Milky Way" by The Church which is perfection itself.

One gripe I have with the Church is that they don't like to play this song live. I went to see them live at the Metro and they omitted their best song from their set list. I later found out (from a work colleague who was related by marriage to lead singer Steve Kilby) that they purposefully shun their popular music. This completely pisses me off because they owe the fans the chance to hear the songs they love. I don't care if they have played it until their ears bleed. To me this is a sign of an arrogant band who really need a kick up the arse.

This still doesn't detract from the greatness of this track and one of my all time personal favourites.