Monday, April 26, 2010

Tears for Fears ~ Spandau Ballet

A few months ago I was away in Fiji for work when my partner sent me a text asking if I wanted to see Spandau Ballet and Tear for Fears live. I must say that I was a bit hesitant mainly because it is a bit depressing seeing bands 25 years on after they have eaten one too many burger kings and drunk too many pints of beer. Even though I love The Cure I felt that way seeing Robert Smith live a few years back. He looked like a big fat goth teddy bear and not in the "Why can't I be you?" type of teddy bear kinda way.

So on Friday night we trotted off to the entertainment centre. The audience was mainly 10 years older than me so for once I felt (relatively) young. Tears for Fears started with "Mad World" and ended with "Shout". The set was pretty bare. There were musicians and the music.. and the music was great. The same came be said for Spandau Ballet. Spandau kicked off with my favourite track, "To cut a long story short" and ended with "Gold".

After seeing a number of acts in the last few years I was starting to get a bit depressed about live shows. Sure they may dance alot, have 50 wardrobe changes, pyrotechnics and fireworks with a video montage but if a band can't play and their lead singer can't sing then I switch off...completely. As much as people rubbish the 80's and the bands of this era, this was a prime example that they CAN play live and sing the roof off the house. I was in complete and utter 80's geekness and I loved it.

The standout for me was the vocals of Roland Orzabal (Tears) and Tony Hadley (Spandau). Sure these guys have aged 25 years and put on a couple of pounds but they put on a great show.

Below are my favourite tracks from Tears and Spandau. "Head over Heel"s and "To cut a long story short".

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