Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some words of wisdom from Adam Ant

There is a brilliant interview with Adam Ant on The Quietus site.

Here are some choice quotes from Mr Ant:
"I just don't like fucking Mr Bono. (Does an Irish accent) 'Every time I click my fingers, an African dies.' Well, stop clicking your fucking fingers, then!"

"Marc Bolan was lovely. Bryan Ferry was lovely. Michael Jackson was lovely. Liza Minelli was lovely. I'm dropping these names because I fucking met these people and they taught me something: Be nice. People that are really brilliant are really nice, people that ain't got a lot of mouth. So here you go Liam (Gallagher from Oasis), you cunt. I'd like to have a fight with him whichever way he wants: physically, mentally I'd beat him in anyway shape or form, I know that."

Is you want to read the whole article is it here

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