Monday, June 6, 2011

Urgent - Foreigner

I love those moments when you have the radio on and a gem of a song is played that you have hidden in the recess of your brain.

What really interested me is that the lead singer of Foreigner, Lou Gramm has had a break from the role in the 90's and recently the role has been taken over by singer Kelly Hansen for the live tours. After Lou Gramm had surgery to remove a brain tumour he suffered in his vocal abilites. Even though he is still singing for his solo career, the quality of his voice has changed quite dramatically.

After watching a clip of Kelly Hansen live I am really impressed. Apparently the band chose Kelly due to the fact that his vocal ability was similar to Lou's.

I will let you be the judge as to whether he pulls it off or not.

First clip - Urgent with Lou Gramm live

Clip two - Urgent with Kelly Hansen

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