Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ben Lee

I was just flicking through one of those horrible "women's" magazines at lunch (you know the one's where there will be a 4 page diet feature and in the same magazine another story about accepting your body how it is) and saw a picture of Ben Lee and Ione Skye. Apparently they are married and I never heard a thing about it.

For those of you that don't know Ione Skye was quite popular in the 80's with the movie "Say Anything" (starring John Cuzak). Her Dad is the singer Donovan. She was also married at one time to the Beastie Boy's Adam Horowitz.

Ben Lee is an Australian musican who dated Clare Danes for quite some time. Clare left Ben for "Almost Famous" star Billy Crudup. Billy Crudup left his then 8 month pregnant partner Mary Louise Parker for Clare (nice guy huh?) Billy also plays the role of Dr Manhatten in the god awful "Watchmen" movie. His digitally enhanced "member" was the only decent acting in the entire movie. An Oscar for the penis I say! I digress though.

Ben and Ione got married in a traditional Hindu ceremony as you can see by the pic below...seems like a big wank to me but whatever floats your boat Ben. If you are interested you can read about the wedding on Ben Lee's blog here

After reading this it made me think of some of Ben's songs.
The one I want to share today is "Cigarette's will kill you". Trust Ben to state the bleeding obvious. Good track though.

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