Sunday, March 8, 2009

Overkill - Men at Work

I was really pleased to hear that this song has had a bit of a revival due mostly to Colin Hay's (lead singer of Men at Work) cameo on the show Scrubs.

I have to preface this by stating that I have only watched about 2 episodes of Scrubs and don't know it that well. From what I saw it was quite funny but I never bothered to watch the series from the beginning. Apparently this particular episode was called "My Overkill" and Colin Hay was a mysterious troubadour that appears throughout the episode providing a musical interlude.

When most people think of the band Men at Work they think of the song "Down under" or horror of horrors associate them with that Supernanny show. The theme song to Supernanny is "Johnny Be Good". Someone should tell the Supernanny producers that it is totally unacceppable behaviour to use such a good song for such a crap show. Naughty chair for them! Nuff said.

Anyway back to the song. I have linked Colin's cameo from Scrubs singing "Overkill" plus the original video. I think the mark of really good song is when you can pare it back and you are left with a great melody. No vocal layering, synth, drum machine..just the melody.

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  1. What a brilliant example - I remember seeing that episode, and I definitley recognised his voice but couldn't place it. It's great to hear both versions side by side!

    you should watch scrubs more - it's brilliant! :-)


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