Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneaky Sound System

Last week I headed off to the good ol' RSL to see Sneaky Sound System "live". Yes I put the word "live" in inverted commas because it was just a notch above karoake..minus the little television with the words that come up. Backing tracks and vocal boosting Britney style galore..but what did I expect from a $35 RSL gig?

I have seen Youtube video's which show SSS with a full band and Connie
(the lead singer)
can actually belt it out quite well so I didn't hold this against them. Besides everyone seemed to enjoy the performance..or maybe they enjoyed the cheap drinks. I'm still trying to work that one out.

I still like Sneaky Sound System because finally Australia has a decent dance band that isn't uncool to like. Also it's good that someone like Connie has finally got some success after doing her time with other bands like Primary.

I had a bit of a laugh because I always think of that Simpsons episode where The Who play and say "Goodnight Springton there will be no encore". It cracks me up that bands feel the need to say the suburb's name they are playing a hundred times.

With no further ado here is my favourite Sneaky Sound System song "I Love It". Pity about the skanky dancer hoes they felt necessary to include on the clip. Connie is better looking than all of them.

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