Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shattered Dreams - Johnny Hates Jazz

I am featuring a song that is currently on my trusty mp3 player. It is by a UK band called Johnny Hates Jazz.

Johnny Hates Jazz was an 80's band actually named after a friend of theirs, Johnny, who literally hated Jazz...hmmm..imaginative. They did quite well in the charts reaching No. 2 in the States with this track. Unfortunately the band didn't last long with the departure of Clark Datchler (the lead singer) and a subsequent car accident involving the band.

This track has two videos. One made especially for the US and the other which is the original UK version. I personally like the original version. I have never quite understood why everything needs to be repackaged and reshot for the States...they even have to remake UK TV shows so the general public can "understand" the humour. What's to understand??

Here are the two versions to compare. By the way I think Clark Datchler looks a little bit like Luke Skywalker..dontacha think?

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