Friday, November 20, 2009


It's Friday y'all and it is HOT HOT HOT in Sydney.
41 degrees celcius in Sydneys west. Great beach weather.

Today's track is one of those songs where I think "he's pretty fly for a white guy".

Boz Scagg's Lowdown is one of those tracks that is so laid back with that funk/soul/groove thang going on that it is just cool. It reminds me of driving at night in Sydney during summer with the window down and going across the Spit bridge.

I didn't know this until recently (ok maybe 2 minutes ago) but Lowdown was written by the guys from the band Toto before they were Toto (they were/are talented session musicians).

A bit of trivia about this track: The producers of the movie Saturday Night Fever asked to use Lowdown but were turned down by Boz Scaggs' manager. I bet they were kicking themselves when they saw the album sales for SNF.

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  1. That name meant absolutley nothing to me, until I heard it, and then I remembered!


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