Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pink -Most Girls

The recent Grammy awards was probably the best awards show I have seen in quite some time. Showmanship is back in fashion and I am loving it. Notable mention (grudgingly) goes to Lady Gaga for hooking up with Sir Elton for a very fine performance/mash up of Speechless and Your Song. It was also good to see MJ's kids accept an award on his behalf. God love them, they are 12 and 11 respectively in front of millions of people worlwide. They have good reason to be a little nervous but I think Prince did an awesome job.

The lady that blew my mind was Pink who once again sung attached to a trapeze style contraption and proceeded to sing live upside down and spinning!!! Her body is absolutely ripped and she sure can belt out a tune. I think the little poppettes like Britney need to take a long look at someone like Pink and start to actually work for their performance money. Pink sure does.

Speaking of live performances I think I was only Australian that didn't see Pink live. She did like about 3 million shows across the country. Seriously... 3 million..she was very busy :)

So today I have linked my favourite Pink song 'Most Girls", which I think was one of her very first single releases.

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