Thursday, February 26, 2009

Adam Ant

About 6 months ago I bought a book called "Stand and Deliver" which is Adam Ants autobiography.
I was so excited (because I am a big Adam Ant fan) that I celebrated this discovery by purchasing an accompanying Adam Ant T shirt from 80's tees (I know, I know, I need to get out more).
So with my t-shirt on and Adam Ant collection at the ready I began reading his story.

I already knew that he suffered from bipolar and in more recent years got in trouble with the law.
I read quite a bit about the latter because it fascinated me as to how he got to that point.

His book was very interesting. It gave a bit of insight into the scene around the time of the Sex Pistols when punk music was in it's embroyonic stages.
It quite honestly told Adam's story of struggling with a poor family background, being married young, dealing with undiagonsed bipolar, and reinventing himself.
Often when I was reading the book I really didn't like Adam. He came across as a right tosser. He treated woman like crap and was a sex addict to boot.

The one thing I will give him is that he has been able to look back and tell it how it was.
I think he acknowledges how difficult he has been and how his behaviour has manifested itself in his work.

When I got nearer to the end of the book I truly felt sad for this guy.
Here he was clinging on to the fame that he once had.
All of his recent releases bombing badly, record companies refusing to touch him, his acting career failing to take off and his bipolar getting him arrested and committed to a psych hospital.
Even this book was reduced from $30 to $10 in a couple of months.

Here were a few bits of trivia that I didn't know previously about Adam:

His Mum was a cleaner for Paul McCartney
He dated Jamie Lee Curtis and Heather Graham
He was dating Amanda Donahoe well before her age of consent
His Dad was convicted of paedaphillia
Michael Jackson called him to ask where he got his military style jacket from. He also invited him to Neverland to discuss music with him.

Here is a picture of Adam Ant from his younger years and today.

Here is the great track "Stand & Deliver" featuring the dandy highwayman Adam Ant.

ack (l from the 90's so maybe not so recent) "Room  the top"

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  1. Eeee, memories! Adam and the Ants were the first band I ever really 'got into' when I was a teenager. Round about the same time as my sis was 'into' Gary Numan. For some reason they're really popular in the goth scene these days.


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