Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Presets

As mentioned in a previous post I saw the Presets live on Saturday night.

I know a lot of people think that electronic music is pretty soulless and not requiring too much talent but Julian and Kim actually met while they were studying at the Sydney Conservatory of Music. So these guys are serious musicians that want to have fun with it. I personally love electro pop.

The Presets was an all ages gig and there were all these little embryo's walking around in their ruched leggings and boots. I didn't actually realise just how popular they were with "the kids".
Made me feel like an old timer :(

I think now that the Presets are doing more live stuff and gaining mainstream popularity that they really need to get Julian away from his synthesiser and in front of the crowd a bit more.
He really only did this once during the song "My People" and the crowd loved it. When he was behind his syth for most of the night I felt like I was at a really big rave and he was DJing.

I have to mention some lyrics from the Presets which I love.
The track is Yippiyo-Ay

"Take you from the 80s
bimbos rock the latex
dingos catch the babies"

If you don't "get" the last line look up the Lindy Chamberlain case.

This is the clip from You Tube that made me want to go and see the Presets. This is them live at Sound Relief singing "This Boy's in Love"

Here they are doing "My People" once again at Sound Relief. It's a pity they didn't have their Aria outfit of My Pet Monster adorning their heads.

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