Friday, January 16, 2009

Betty Boo..Where are you?

Do you remember Betty Boo?She was "Doin the do" at one stage with a couple of hit tracks in the 90's. She famously came to Australia to do some "live gigs" and was busted lip syncing on stage after she dropped her mike. Apparently the crowd didn't take it too well and booed Betty off stage (Get it booed Betty? Betty Boo? Ah..forget it).

Anyway I thought Betty would have faded into obscurity, put on 20 pounds and developed a poker machine addiction..but no..she released a track in 2007 and it wasn't half bad.
So today I am taking a look back at Betty (Alison Clarkson) then and now.
To be honest she hasn't changed much at all.
Here is "Where are you baby"

Her more recent track "Take Off"


  1. Betty Boo!!! What a memory! I filmed a breakdance championship at the weekend.. What a trip down memory lane that was! Are you old enough to remember the breakdance songs of the 80s?

  2. Oh yes I remember the breakdance songs very well..even the movie "Breakdance 2 Electric Boogaloo"...nothing like a film title that rhymes!


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