Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grace Jones -Libertango

Grace Jones is currently in Australia doing some gigs.I didn't realise that she is 60 years old! Damn I want to age as well as that!

With Grace being in town it reminded me of my favourite Grace Jones track.

No it's not "Slave to the Rhythm" or "Pull up to the Bumper".
It is "Strange I've seen that face before (Libertango)".

This song features quite heavily in the film "Frantic" starring Harrison Ford, although it never made it to the official soundtrack.

There is a part in the song where Grace speaks in French. I never knew what she was saying until recently:
"What are you searching for? To meet death? Who do you think you are? You hate life, you too...)"

Useless piece of trivia part 1, 2 & 3:

1. Did you know that the song "Slave to the Rhythm" was written for Frankie Goes to Hollywood as a follow up track to "Relax"?

2. Grace at one stage was a muse to Andy Warhol who photographed her extensively.

3. Grace appeared in the god awful Eddie Murphy movie "Boomerang".
She played an eccentric supermodel who wanted to call her newly launched perfume "After birth" or "Steel Vagina". Grace was a crack up and the best thing in this stinker.

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  1. I can't stand to watch that woman. She scares the living daylights out of me!


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