Friday, January 9, 2009

We Care A Lot!

Faith No More/Mike Patton

Did you know that before Faith No More came to prominence in 1990 that they had a different leader singer for many years?

Even Courtney Love was a singer for Faith No More at one stage but she was fired after only 4 performances (wise move).

Chuck Mosely was the lead singer for the album's "We care a lot" and "Introduce Yourself".

The height of Faith No More's sucess came with the single "Epic" in 1990 off "The Real Thing" album.

By this stage FNM had a different lead singer - Mike Patton.

The song I am taking a look at today is "We care a lot".

The song was written at the height of the Live Aid era so the lyrics are a bit tongue in cheek which I love.

"About disasters, fires, floods and killer bees
About the NASA shuttle falling in the sea
About starvation and the food that Live Aid bought
About disease, baby Rock, Hudson, rock, yeah!"

Any song that mentions Rock Hudson and AIDS is pretty cool in my book (if not completely tasteless hehe).

The first clip is of Chuck Mosely at the helm singing "We care a lot". The second clip is a live version of the same track (sung by Mike Patton) followed by "Epic" at Rock in Rio.
Which version do you like better?

For all those people who think that Mike Patton has faded into obscurity since the break up of FNM, think again.

He has a project called "Peeping Tom" which is deemed as an "experimental band" because he uses a lot of beat boxing instead of instruments.

I really like the song "Mojo" by Peeping Tom.

Take a look


  1. Chuck Mosley hasn't faded into obscurity, either. He is currently recording a new album at Ante Up Audio in Cleveland, Ohio, with multi-platinum award winning producer, mixer, recording engineer, and composer Michael Seifert. Seifert has worked with Bone Thugs, Dave Matthews, Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, Fountains of Wayne, and several other artists. Mosley is on Seifert's new Reversed Image Unlimited record label. For more info and the latest updates, consult my Boogie Woogie music blog here on blogspot.

  2. Thanks Ronnie.
    Great news that Chuck is still doing his thing.

    If you want to read about Chuck Mosley on Ronnie's blog visit here:


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