Sunday, January 18, 2009

Divinyls: What a life (Good Die Young)

Before I present the track for today I have a number of things I want to discuss first.

1. I went on to You tube and typed in Divinyls.
The overwhelming response was "I touch myself"..ugh. Now "I touch myself is an alright song. I mean it was co written by the guys that wrote "Like a Virgin" (Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg) so it was most likely going to be a hit BUT it is not a Divinyls song.

The Divinyls cut their teeth in the Oz rock pub scene. They are gutsy and ballsy. I take my hat off to them because they toured their asses off. It just seems a shame to me that they will be mostly remembered for "I touch myself".

2. I have the "What a life" album on LP (record). I have played this sucker to death. This album is one of my favourites and when I try to play it now it sounds more like a test pattern than anything else.

I wasn't too disheartened by this because I assumed that I would just update and buy the CD of the album..right? Wrong.

The original LP pressing of this album (Australian) is NOT available on CD at all. They have the crumby US version which sucks donkey balls because it is missing some of my most favourite songs like "Talk like rain", "Old Radios"and the title track "What a life".
I don't know why the record company thought "Casual Encounter" was a better track. Go figure.

Anyway this is a public plea.

If anyone has a CD/MP3 copy of the original "What a life" please contact me.
I will gladly sell my first born for it (or at least my goldfish).

3. Last year I borrowed Chrissie Amphlett's auto biography from the library.
She has had one interesting life including time spent in a Spanish prison, constant fighting with Mark McEntee, almost being eviscerated by Aerosmith fans (while being support act),alcoholism, touring and now having MS.

4. I saw Chrissy Amphlett play the role of Judy Garland on stage for the "Boy from Oz". She was amazing. I never would have thought she could have pulled that off but she did it so well.

5. When I went to see the Divinyls play live once there was a guy that Chrissy pulled up on stage. This guy had a HUGE tattoo of Chrissy on his chest. Now THAT my dear readers is a devoted fan.

Today’s clip is off the "What a life" album. To me this is classic Divinyls.

Enjoy..When the Good Die Young"

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